The Best Way to Sell an Abandoned Property in Fresno

If you own an abandoned property in Fresno and you want to sell it, we need to tell you that is not as hard as you might be thinking. We understand you would be stressed about it, so we’ve gathered really interesting information to help you make the process as easy and bearable as possible.

Keep on reading as we explain you the best way to sell an abandoned property in Fresno.


The first step to sell an abandoned property in Fresno is to take a realistic assessment of any damages and gather estimates for making repairs. Then, once you have inspected the property and understand the costs involved in rehabilitating it, you can determine if it is worth making the repairs and selling at total market value for the highest profits. Or, if you don’t have the time, finances, or energy to pour into a potential money pit, you are better off by selling the property as-is. Selling a property as-is shouldn’t cost you anything out of pocket. You can keep your wallet in your pocket by making a direct sale to professional investors like those at HTV Properties, who never charge commissions.


A common mistake people make when pricing their abandoned properties is setting the number way too high which ultimately ends up backfiring because no one will pay a exaggerated amount of money for an abandoned building. Knowing this, one of the most effective ways to grab potential buyers for your abandoned property in Fresno is by setting the price at the right number. People these days know better and won’t fall for it, scrolling by your online listing, aiming for a better deal. Now, you might be thinking the way to go is to set a lower price, but if you place it too low, you could scare away potential buyers who may think the property has more cons than pros. But if you work with a direct buyer like those at HTV Properties, you will know the amount your home is really worth on the market. Then, you will know exactly how much you’d profit from listing vs. the details of the offer from HTV Properties, which is a really great deal. At HTV Properties, we want you to make the best decision about which method is suitable to you so you will feel good about the deal long after closing.


Listing your home on the market may not be the best way to sell an abandoned property in Fresno. Between holding the property, paying for the listing process, and high commissions, there isn’t much left out of the profits when you close and pay all expenses and fees. You save money when you sell directly to a company like HTV Properties because you won’t pay any commissions off the top or hidden fees to surprise at closing. You avoid the prep, repairs, listing, holding costs, marketing expenses, and you won’t pay closing costs either, so the cash offer from HTV Properties is the amount you walk away with from the closing table. You also save time because HTV Properties can close quickly, in a matter of weeks, or delay to set closing at a date convenient to your move.

HTV Properties

Ultimately, it’s clear to see that if you sell your abandoned property directly to HTV Properties, you save time, money, and unwanted headaches, so why not choose the best option for you to sell your home in Fresno? What’s different about us is that we offer a great communication pipeline, so talk to one of our direct buyers at HTV Properties with no obligation. At HTV Properties, our direct buyers take the time listen and answer to all of your questions and address any concerns you have about a direct sale.

Call with no-obligation and see how a direct sale to HTV Properties can help solve your problems and get a buyer for your abandoned property in Fresno. Call HTV Properties at (559) 854-1663.

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